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Never give up on yourself. Create goals, set boundaries and remember less worry & fear, more faith & belief.

Latis Vance is a 32 year old entrepreneur, life coach and creator and founder of the Lajev brand. Her passion and focus behind the brand is centered around helping others.

Ten years ago, Latis was on a quest to find confidence, purpose and peace. This quest pushed her to invest in a positive mindset, becoming an entrepreneur, and helping a friend’s fashion company as the Director of Marketing. In turn, these investments not only helped her build a strong mindset, but they also gave her the knowledge and tools to become successful in life as an entrepreneur and business owner.

Latis has built the Lajev brand with the purpose of empowering others and helping them make and meet their professional and personal goals. She has also collaborated with and coached various established entrepreneurs which has helped them move to the next level. Through the Lajev brand, she provides organizational tools that bring clarity to people’s vision, setting and achieving realistic goals, and creating healthy boundaries. These boundaries will help you define, protect, take good care of yourself, and know your limits.

Latis knows how hard it can be to create a better version of yourself and pressing start on accomplishing your goals. These steps can become very overwhelming if you’re not creating healthy boundaries to block distractions from interfering.

The Lajev brand is all about having faith and belief over worry and fear; with this mindset, anything is possible as long as you have a strategy and a plan.


Our Happy Clients

Ishelle Fitness is here thanks to a Power Hour Session with Latis! Latis is truly gifted. She effortlessly helped me identify my goals and came up with a manageable game plan for me to follow. She helped me realize that my goals could be reached. Doubt is sure to make an entrance at least once when pursuing something greater than yourself. Clarity and thoughtful planning can help you work through the doubt and keep you on track to make it to the other side. Make an appointment with Latis. You and your future won’t regret it.

Dayne Ishelle, NY

July 1, 2020
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